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 Poor Little John - DW + Cerebral Palsy - NEEDS YOU !!

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Poor Little John - DW + Cerebral Palsy - NEEDS YOU !! Empty
MessageSujet: Poor Little John - DW + Cerebral Palsy - NEEDS YOU !!   Poor Little John - DW + Cerebral Palsy - NEEDS YOU !! Icon_minitimeMar 4 Aoû - 21:26

Hi Friends,

Here below what I read on one blog this morning
Arrow Make a difference everyday

Please donate your old books to help Single Mum of 2 to give John therapies and supports he needs.
Citation :

Coreen’s story of need started about 5 years ago when she gave birth to her tiny baby boy.
This sweet, little baby arrived in the world prematurely with a complication the doctors call a variant of Dandy Walker Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.
The doctors predicted that the infant would live for no longer than 10 hours.
Yes, 10 hours!

Today, more than 43,000 hours later, little John Paul continues to defy the odds the doctors gave him at birth.
We cannot know for sure whether John Paul comprehends the miracle of his life,
because Dandy Walker Syndrome affects the brain in complex and damaging ways.

In 2004, an MRI of John Paul’s brain revealed an undeveloped cerebellum
and minimal corpus callosum resulting in challenges to integrate function between both hemispheres of the brain.

What does that mean?
Well, for John Paul, that means
he struggles to support himself when he sits, and he is unable to register the concept of body-balance in his brain.
He is still unable to walk.
He has got under developed motor coordination skills.
He is able to hear but his brain takes a considerably longer time to connect words to meaning. And while he has adequate hearing, he is visually challenged.

In spite of all these difficulties, John Paul is improving steadily and
positively thanks to Coreen’s early intervention efforts,
and the consistent hard work of training John Paul’s brain to do the things we all take for granted as second nature to us.

Needless to say, our friend Coreen’s life has changed dramatically since the arrival of John Paul. Coreen has to work to raise her two children (John Paul has a little sister) as she is a single income earner.
The financial demands for John Paul’s Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy, along with his Special Education needs are in the upwards of RM$2500 a month.
As with any parent with a child with such a challenging (if not, consuming) degree of special needs,
Coreen sometimes feels that this call to give John Paul all the he needs
to live a fulfilling life is beyond her.

In our own, small way, we want to let Coreen know that she is not alone.
We have come together to start MADE as a way to remind ourselves
that sometimes the world that we all want to change is right next to us –
in a neighbour, a friend, a little child.
For starters at MADE, we want to help Coreen and John Paul by having a Book and CD sale. Please support us by donating your old books and original CDs to the people tagged in this email.

Thank you. Let’s all go out and find ways to Make a Difference Every Day!

If you can help, Please contact Minah on her website
Arrow Serve A Purpose

Such a nice gesture from a lovely friend...
What kind of help have you received from friends/family to help you cope with your DW Kids ?

Muriel flower
Les Enfants Dandy Walker : Giving Hope Together
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Poor Little John - DW + Cerebral Palsy - NEEDS YOU !!
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